This is where it all started

In 1995 (even before we knew the name Agronan) we planted one dunam – several varieties of black raspberries.

Why black raspberry? Read later.

We grow 8 varieties in order to create a sequence from the beginning of the ripening season to the end. From the beginning/middle of May until ….September.

Yes yes 10 varieties, and most of them (8 of them) create a sequence of only one and a half months.

In addition to the difference in ripening times, there is a difference in the appearance of the plant: type of growth (herbaceous or bushy), spines (large, small, none), leaf shape, branch thickness, location of flowers, color of flowers, yield and much more.

There is a difference in the fruit itself: color, shape, size and of course taste.

And of course there is a difference, ours, as breeders is very important – sensitivity/resistance to diseases and pests.

The ripening season of the black raspberry is problematic in view of the fact that this season is: “the season of the sherbes”

And so in order to spoil the black raspberry (and our customers as well) we set up a fogging system over the entire area – to cool the atmosphere.

pest control

The extermination method is “combined extermination” whose main essence is: supervision, detection, and action if necessary.

Happily for us (and also for the happiness of our customers) most of the problems that require intervention and treatment both in the field of pests and in the field of diseases appear after the picking season so… after all, the black raspberry is almost never discussed before the ripening and picking season!!

Good . So why black raspberry?

As “conventional” farmers, we were looking for an interesting exotic crop, and on one of the tours of the association for exotic fruits, we visited for self-picking in Moshav Ben Ami (near Nahariya), the picking of Shmuel Landau, a dear man, to this day we thank him for his great help, Shmuel grew black raspberries of his own kind.

In our childhood, the fence that separated our house from the neighbors was of? That’s right, black raspberry, thorny!! But the fruit was delicious.

Apparently the neighbor didn’t like the fact that we entered the yard (it’s true that it was just to return the ball, but still).

We bought seedlings (from Shmuel of course) and it all started from there.


We wanted to grow strawberries a little differently! We wanted our delicious strawberries to be accessible to everyone: adults, children, and of course people with

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