Everyone wants to eat blueberries!!
Yes, blueberries grow and yield in their bunches, in a fence.
But blueberries are known to grow in the cold regions, so it’s not.
Blueberries have been grown for many years in the USA in South America, the varieties grown there are called varieties without chilling portions or with few chilling portions (low chill requirement).
Regarding the varieties: there are many varieties with different shows and ripening times and the information about their behavior in Israel is lacking, so we are learning about these varieties, some of them we grow with great success.
The blueberry industry in Agronan will undergo many changes in the coming years in order to understand and know which varieties are the best for us. At the moment we are growing: Rebel (nothing), Georgia-Down (very tasty but little crop for a short period) and Biloxi which gives the impression that it is…a super cannon.
Blueberries need to know how to grow! Really not simple, it turns out that the South American varieties do not understand Hebrew.
The blackberry fruiting season (don’t take us by the word or talah) from March until ..when it ends.
It is not always possible to enter the blueberry area to pick, because sometimes there is not enough fruit.
Pest Control: Very interesting! As a relatively new plant in Israel in general and in Eronan in particular, we study the issue of pest control carefully. Here, too, the method is IPM (integrated pest control), meaning: monitoring, understanding, examining action thresholds and if intervention is necessary? Intervene.
A new interesting and challenging field, wish us success – our success, many tasty fruits for you.


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