Pitango or Pitanga

Its taste is unlike anything else, half of the people who taste the fruit love it, and half don’t.

This is the simplest ID card for this fruit.

After all, he is an exotic and not just an exotic – Brazilian, who immigrated to Israel in the fifties (around 1950)

It was thought that it was suitable for commercial farming, breeding work was done that gave birth to the leading variety Gitti, but one problem was not solved – life from a zero shelf!! Therefore, most of its cultivation was focused on gardens, as a hedge, and of course with us in Agronan, which is very suitable for self-picking.

The ripening period is not always clear but is mostly focused on spring (overlapping with black raspberries, wild strawberries and wild strawberries) and autumn.

Sometimes it’s in the shed and sometimes not (depending on how cold the winter is)

In short – unlike anything.

pest control

No pest control!! Well, almost true, it is sensitive to the fruit fly, so we use traps to capture the flies en masse.


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