King of health!! It’s not just that he has a crown on his head. Characteristics…

One of the seven species, therefore it has a place of honor!!

The pomegranate is full of health benefits (quite a few think it is the healthiest fruit) and this is of course in addition to its sweet and special taste.

We bless the pomegranate on Rosh Hashanah (which will increase our rights as a pomegranate) in practice we meant the pomegranate seeds,

Well, there are lots and lots of grains in a 13-year-old pomegranate, that is, 613 grains in each pomegranate…

So it’s not!!

We are sorry, but in practice the number of grains differs from pomegranate to pomegranate and is determined according to a large number of factors,

We will not go into detail here due to lack of space and perhaps also lack of interest.

The variety we grow is “Emek” a relatively new variety, blue and white.

Its main uniqueness: it ripens relatively early (beginning of August), its color is pink to red on the outside, the color of the berries is red, and the pits inside are soft and pleasant to eat.

We and our family have been growing pomegranates for 50 years and have a lot of experience, so when you arrive at the orchard you will take a deep breath because “you don’t see things like this every day”!!

In complete contrast to all the other fruits we grow, the pomegranate is not eaten with the peel.

For us, opening the pomegranate is easy and simple and we explain the method for this in the plantation and in the video.

In addition to that, there are juicers designed for pomegranates in the area, and all of them, including the children we built, can squeeze on their own.

By the way… what is healthier than pomegranate juice squeezed only from the pomegranate seeds? Or maybe the juice squeezed in a regular juicer (half a pomegranate with the peel)? do not know ?

You will get the answer from Ronan in the pomegranate orchard.

pest control

Oh.. one of the hardest fruits to grow!!!!!!

The main problem in growing pomegranates is the pests! All kinds of pests, from weevils to pickling. Even in grenades, the pest control is integrated (IPM) – supervision, detection, examination of the situation and action threshold and, if necessary, intervention. In the pomegranate that has been grown in Israel since the time we came and has been producing as a commercial crop for many years, there are many technologies for pest control: confusing pests, mass trapping, prevention – by proper agrotechnics, and of course spraying pest control, whether with organic or chemical substances, all in order to reach ripening without pesticides at all.

Approximate ripening date: end of August – Tishrei holidays.

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