We wanted to grow strawberries a little differently!

We wanted our delicious strawberries to be accessible to everyone: adults, children, and of course people with disabilities.

We decided that our strawberries will grow in the air, on two floors, meaning all you have to do in order to pick and eat a strawberry is simply reach out!

The pest control in the field is a biological pest control, so there is no need to wash the strawberries but eat directly from the plants!

We grow several varieties of strawberries and they are all blue and white, an Israeli development. We change the varieties a little with the aim of growing the most delicious and high-quality strawberries, and adapting them to the growing season.

Did you know? Although many think that because of the fruit’s great sweetness it is high in calories, the facts show otherwise!! Not only that, the wild strawberry is rich in vitamins and minerals and is very healthy for the body and mind.

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