Agronan – a site that provides medical solutions through Zoom, medical consultations, adjustments and improvements, both on its website in order to adapt the service provided in accordance with the Law on Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities and the regulations established by virtue of it.

We emphasize the need to improve the website and the chain stores so that they are available, convenient and friendly for people with disabilities.

The accessibility process includes, among other things, the following adjustments:

▪ Simple and clear navigation within and between the website pages even with the help of the keyboard only

▪ Option to change the font size on all website pages up to 200% and continue navigation without difficulty

▪ A clear view of the site’s components

▪ Compatibility with different browsers

Adaptation to work in different resolutions

▪ Option to display pages in colors accessible to the visually impaired and color blind, i.e. bright text on a background

Dark if necessary

▪ Making the website forms accessible in order to allow easy and simple use for people with disabilities

▪ A mechanism for bypassing blocks (fixed units that repeat themselves such as menus, banners, etc.)

the website

Accessible according to the accessibility guidelines of the Israeli standard 5568 and accompanied by an accessibility license from the TMT.

This Israeli standard is the same as the guidelines document – guidelines for content accessibility on the Internet to level AA of the international organization that deals with network standardization.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0

We have invested a lot of effort in order to make all the pages on the site accessible, but if you have found a page where accessibility can be improved, we would appreciate it if you would update us by contacting our accessibility coordinator, whose details are below.

We continue at all times in our efforts to improve the site’s accessibility as part of our commitment and our desire to allow it to be used by the entire population.

We will be happy to be at your service for any question, request for information and/or suggestions for improvement through the accessibility coordinator.

For inquiries about accessibility, you can contact the accessibility coordinator Lior Shaim

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