We wanted to grow strawberries a little differently! We wanted our delicious strawberries to be accessible to everyone: adults, children, and of course people with disabilities. We decided that our strawberries will grow in the air, on two floors, meaning all you have to do in order to pick and eat a strawberry is simply […]

Red raspberry

The health bomb called red raspberry has been growing here for 4 years, and currently the fruiting period is from July to January. Wait a minute, red raspberries growing and yielding in the Gedera area? Doesn’t he need cold? So it’s not!It turns out that there are new varieties whose growth form and spawning characteristics […]

Strawberry tree

A sweet gift from nature, the ability to harvest and market, almost impossible! But it is suitable for self-picking!! Almost everyone has some memory related to mulberry trees: some of the stories we heard: Oh… grew up right next to the house every day we went out to eat.. Really tasty like honey When we […]


It was very simple to add the orange candy that named Shasak to the Agronan family self-picking, It is true that it is not a berry, but it is suitable, amazing, pleasant, tasty, and also very healthy.. Characteristics. The fruit is not too small and not too big. Ripening time – in the spring, a […]


Everyone wants to eat blueberries!!Yes, blueberries grow and yield in their bunches, in a fence.But blueberries are known to grow in the cold regions, so it’s not.Blueberries have been grown for many years in the USA in South America, the varieties grown there are called varieties without chilling portions or with few chilling portions (low […]


Pitango or Pitanga Its taste is unlike anything else, half of the people who taste the fruit love it, and half don’t. This is the simplest ID card for this fruit. After all, he is an exotic and not just an exotic – Brazilian, who immigrated to Israel in the fifties (around 1950) It was […]


King of health!! It’s not just that he has a crown on his head. Characteristics… One of the seven species, therefore it has a place of honor!! The pomegranate is full of health benefits (quite a few think it is the healthiest fruit) and this is of course in addition to its sweet and special […]


This is where it all started In 1995 (even before we knew the name Agronan) we planted one dunam – several varieties of black raspberries. Why black raspberry? Read later. We grow 8 varieties in order to create a sequence from the beginning of the ripening season to the end. From the beginning/middle of May […]

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